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congratulations on your up-coming wedding

We are excited that you are considering using Kettle Creek Weddings to officiate your wedding ceremony. We know that using KCW will result in your wedding day being an experience you will always remember.


  1. Determine the date, time and location for your ceremony. If you are not yet certain or need some ideas or suggestions, we can help. We have a great working relationship with dozens of venues and years of planning and officiating experience.

  2. Contact Trish Pajunen, our booking specialist to arrange a time to meet one of our Officiants. Trish will set you up with the Officiant who is available to perform your ceremony. Contact Trish by phone at 519.221.8460 or email There is no fee or obligation for the initial consultation. You can meet an Officiant and book our services as soon as you wish.

  3. A deposit confirms our services for your wedding day. Read more about our fees and services.


What happens after your ceremony?

  1. Your Officiant will give you the Record of Solemnization from the Marriage License. This is your portion to keep.

  2. Your Officiant will mail their portion of the Marriage License to the Registrar Generals Office where your information and marriage will be registered. You will not receive notification or any paperwork from the government confirming the registration.

  3. You are required to order a Certificate of Marriage; it does not automatically get mailed by the Registrar Generals Office. Read carefully the information about name change and the Certificate of Marriage on the Provincial Government Website.





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